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HEX Codes for American Filament PLA

Posted by Thomas Brooks on

Have you ever bought something that was SO not the same color when it showed up in the mail? Thanks to variations from monitor to monitor, to cell phone screen to tablet, it is extremely difficult to determine what color products really are. Here at AF, we agonize over matching product images to their real life colors, but there's no guarantee that our images will look the same on your device.... 

What can we do? In order to help you pick the best colors, we compiled a list of HEX Codes that we feel are the closest matches for each of our colors! We used a Color Muse device to capture the color codes using 3D-printed swatches. We then compared the color on multiple displays to make sure it was as close as possible to the real deal. Just a little side note, our neon colors are just too brilliant to capture with a flat color on any screen - they are far more vibrant in real life! So, please know that the codes below are the closest we can manage for those four colors. 

And remember, these colors will to look different on a screen-by-screen basis, but we hope that this chart will provide you with a reference point for each color!

So, without further ado.....

American Filament PLA Color Hex Codes with Sample.pdf


What do y'all think? Are these close? If you have suggestions please shoot us a message at so we can make sure this list is as accurate as possible!

Happy Printing!


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