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Quality and Process

Posted by Megan Brooks on

American Filament uses lean manufacturing techniques to make affordable 3D printer filament and to eliminate filament defects. All of our filament is made in the USA at our facility in Huntsville, Alabama. We use only American made resins to make filament. The entire process is tailored for quality PLA filament at affordable prices. We start every morning with 3S activities to ensure that our facility is clean, organized, and in order. The filament's ingredients are dried and the mixing ratios are standardized to ensure the highest quality PLA filament. Our processes have been optimized with a stop watch to orchestrate the best series of motions for producing the filament with speed and consistency.

We take pride in the made in America Filament we supply to our customers. Our purpose is to serve our customers while bringing manufacturing back to the USA.

Made in the USA


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