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American Filament is here to help rebuild the American supply chain by providing high quality 3D-printer filament at an affordable price.

During the coronavirus pandemic, 3D-printing professionals and hobbyists all over the USA stepped up to the plate to make supplies, from our homes and businesses, that were needed by the medical community to fight coronavirus. However, filament shortages quickly left many printers cold. This pattern manifested through all levels of the American marketplace. The experience made it clear that we cannot rely on overseas suppliers to fulfill our 3D-printer filament (or general manufacturing) demand when our needs are the greatest.  

American Filament was founded by two engineers, including the creator of, a free-to-use website for designing lithophanes that can easily be printed on a 3D printer. The loyal users and visibility provided by gives us a chance to do our part in ensuring access to vital products needed to adapt to unexpected threats - big or small. 

We strive to best serve our customers. Is there a color or material that you want us to make for you? Please contact us and we will get see what we can do to help!

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