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Warm Lithophane White AF PLA Filament - created by Lithophane Maker!

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Introducing American Filament’s Warm Lithophane White AF PLA Filament - The Ultimate Choice for Perfect Lithophane Printing!

Unlock the full potential of your lithophane prints with Lithophane Maker PLA Filament, a groundbreaking creation from American Filament. We've crafted this specialized filament, meticulously designed for the art of lithophane printing, to deliver breathtaking results like never before.

Why Lithophane Maker PLA Filament?

Our journey began with a common frustration – the lack of high-quality lithophane filaments in the market. We decided to take matters into our own hands, investing weeks upon weeks in research and development to bring you a filament that is truly exceptional.

Made with 100% American materials, including premium Ingeo 4043D resin, our Lithophane Maker PLA Filament is the brainchild of the minds behind Our filament is designed to seamlessly integrate with this free tool, enabling you to create and print stunning .stl files for flat rectangles, spheres, nightlight covers, cubes, and more. Transform your images into mesmerizing lithophanes effortlessly – check it out!

What to Expect with Lithophane Maker PLA:

  • Finer Layer Lines: Achieve stunning levels of detail with lithophanes that captivate and impress.
  • Sharper Images: Your lithophanes will boast unparalleled clarity and sharpness.
  • Fewer Fails: Say goodbye to frustrating print failures, as our filament enhances printing consistency.
  • Retraction Reductions: Experience smoother, more reliable lithophane printing with fewer retraction-related issues.

We recommend using cool or warm white light to illuminate your Warm Lithophane White AF creations. Play with the bulb’s color temperature to find your favorite level of warmth! If you're new to the world of printing lithophanes, be sure to explore our Beginner's Guide to Printing Lithophanes. It covers all the basics to help you get off to a smooth start!

By choosing Lithophane Maker PLA from American Filament, you're not only elevating your 3D printing projects but also supporting the ongoing maintenance and development of Lithophane Maker. Join us in our mission to keep this exceptional tool up-to-date and accessible to all.

Product Specifications:

  • Suggested Nozzle Temperature: 205 – 220°C
  • Suggested Bed Temperature: 45-60°C
  • Quantity: 1kg (2.2 lbs) Per Spool
  • Diameter: 1.75mm (+/- 0.05mm)
  • Spool Dimensions: Inner Diameter (ID) = 2.05", Outer Diameter (OD) = 8.0", Width (W) = 2.875"

If you are using a Bambu Labs printer you can download our Lithophane Configuration Files by clicking here! The print settings profile comes preset to the Arachne Wall Generator - this is best for curved lithophanes (i.e. nightlights, spheres, lamp shades, etc.). When printing flat lithos (i.e. boxes, flats, hearts, etc.) you need to change this setting to the Classic Wall Generator. 

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