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Professional 3D printing services

Posted by Megan Brooks on

Money, Time, and Quality

When it comes to manufacturing and prototyping, 3D printing has revolutionized the industry. But how do you discern if it's time to leverage our 3D printing and design services for your needs? The answer revolves around three pivotal advantages: saving money, saving time, and assuring high quality. Dive in to discover when our professional 3D printing team is right for you and your company or go ahead and get a free instant 3D printing quote!

1. How we Save you Money

Let Engineers do the engineering: Engineers get paid the big bucks for their skills in engineering analysis and design. When they're occupied with 3D printing tasks, you're not capitalizing on their core skills. By delegating 3D printing, not only do you make engineers available for other tasks, but you save considerable money as well.

Ditch the Downtime: Machines, while constantly improving, will never be perfect. When a 3D printer breaks, it's a huge headache that can take weeks for casual operators to sort out. We'll save you from having to figure out why the machines break and how to fix them. Our staff is used to fixing machines and it's easier for a professional 3D printing shop than it would be for people who 3D print as only a small portion of their overall work.

Uninterrupted Filament Supply: We make our own filament and have a large variety available for use at any given time. This unique advantage means that we often do not have to wait for more material to come in for our 3D printing jobs. The savings we reap from making our own filament is passed on to the customer as well.

Overflow Handling: Overburdened by a surge in demand? Don't buy a bunch of 3D printers to meet a temporary need! We seamlessly manage overflow printing, so that you effectively only rent our 3D printers for a short time while we take care of all the headache!

Years of Experience: We know what we're doing and we can do it fast. Think about fixing a car. Could you figure out how to fix your car when its transmission goes out? Many people could, yet almost no one does. Why is that? It takes time to figure out what is wrong with the car and how to fix it, especially if it's your first time. Additionally, mistakes can cost you filament and even break your machines. Our extensive experience in 3D design and printing minimizes errors, so you get a good part quickly and without waste.

Affordability: Think high quality always means high cost? Think again. Our services offer unparalleled value. Check out our 3D printing prices and get a free instant 3D printing quote.


2. Saving Time

Instant Quoting: Our instant quote tool lets you find out immediately how much working with us will cost you, so that you do not need to wait for several back-and-forth emails to get the job going. Get your free instant quote by going here!

Rapid Repairs: Machine malfunctions can cause significant delays. Our expertise ensures swift fixes, getting you back on track in no time.

Always Stocked: With our self-made filament inventory, we don't face production halts due to material shortages unless the customer requests uncommon material.

Overflow Efficiency: Overflow doesn't mean over-wait. We ensure that even in high demand, your projects are executed promptly with our large fleet of high-quality 3D printers.

Expertise Equals Efficiency: With our vast experience, we’ve streamlined our processes, ensuring quick turnarounds without compromising on quality.


3. Guaranteed High Quality

Seasoned Professionals: Experience isn't just about speed; it's about precision. Our team's years of hands-on experience with 3D printing a large variety of things guarantees impeccable quality every time. We know where 3D printing has been, where it is today, and where it is going. We may have solutions for you that you didn't know were even an option and answers to questions that you may not yet know to ask.

Consistency: Our dedicated professional group ensures that every print is consistent with your expectations, eliminating the variability that can sometimes come with in-house operations.


In the realm of 3D printing, professional services offer a trifecta of benefits: monetary savings, time efficiency, and uncompromised quality. If these resonate with your needs, it's time to consider such a service. With perks like an instant 3D printing quote, vast experience, and affordable pricing, the value proposition is clear. Ready to take the next step? Get your free instant 3D printing quote today and experience the difference!


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