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Matte Black AF 1.75mm PLA+ Filament Made in the USA!

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Introducing our Matte Black AF PLA+ 3D Printer Filament – the ultimate filament for those who take their 3D printing seriously, whether you're just starting your journey or you're a seasoned expert. And here's something to boast about: it's made in the USA, embodying the spirit of American manufacturing excellence.

Let's talk about this filament's color. It's not just black; it's Matte Midnight Black – as deep and mysterious as a starless night sky. It's the perfect shade for adding sophistication and depth to your 3D projects. You will fall in love with the deep, matte finish your prints will have!

But the real game changer here is the "PLA+" part. This isn't your standard PLA filament. Our Midnight Black AF PLA+ offers enhanced toughness and temperature resistance, making it the ideal choice for prints that need that extra bit of durability and resilience.

Each spool comes with 1kg (2.2 lbs) of this premium filament, precisely measured at 1.75mm in diameter, with a strict dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm.

Spool Dimensions (now compatible with Bambu Labs AMS units):

  • Inner Diameter (ID) = 52 mm
  • Outer Diameter (OD) = 200 mm
  • Width (W) = 67 mm
  • Weight = 220 g

Thanks to the advanced properties of PLA+, you're getting a filament that's not just easy to work with but also delivers high-quality results.

For the best printing outcomes, we recommend a nozzle temperature of 205-220°C and a bed temperature of 50-70°C.

Are you ready to step up your 3D printing game with a filament that's as tough as it is elegant? Our Matte Black AF PLA+ Filament is here to bring strength, resilience, and a touch of class to your creations. Let's start printing and make something extraordinarily durable and stylish!

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