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Forest Green AF 1.75mm PLA+ Filament Made in the USA!

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Introducing our Forest Green AF PLA+ 3D Printer Filament – an ideal choice for 3D printing enthusiasts at any level, and proudly made in the USA. This filament embodies the excellence of American manufacturing, blending top-quality materials with innovative technology.

Dive into the color of this filament – a deep, lush Forest Green. It's like capturing the essence of a serene, untouched forest, bringing a sense of natural beauty to your 3D prints.

What sets this filament apart is its "PLA+" composition. This isn't just standard PLA; our Forest Green AF PLA+ boasts enhanced toughness and increased temperature resistance. This makes it perfect for projects that need that extra bit of strength and durability, outperforming regular filaments in challenging situations.

Each spool is packed with 1kg (2.2 lbs) of this durable filament, precisely measured at 1.75mm in diameter, maintaining a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm. The spool dimensions are: Inner Diameter (ID) = 2.05 inches, Outer Diameter (OD) = 8 inches, and Width (W) = 2.875 inches. Known for its user-friendliness and superior finish, PLA+ elevates your printing experience.

For best results, we recommend a nozzle temperature of 205-220°C and a bed temperature of 50-70°C.

Are you ready to take your 3D printing to the next level with a filament that's as strong as it is beautiful? Our Forest Green AF PLA+ Filament is here to add durability, resilience, and a touch of the great outdoors to your creations. Let's create something robust and visually stunning!

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